Bonded Applications

Bonded Applications

Bonded Applications of diamond and CBN

In matters of bonded applications of diamond and CBN micron powders and mesh sizes we often deal with two parties:

  • The manufacturer of the tool or wheel, who masters the application and tool technology.
  • The end-user of the product, where we can help optimise the superabrasive for optimum performance.

Close cooperation with the tool manufacturer and the end-user are equally important for the selection or the design of the most suitable abrasive for the application.

Cylindrical grinding

OD cylindrical grinding is one of the most common grinding processes, in the form of its plunge grinding, pendulum grinding or side grinding varieties. The grinding wheel is designed according to the exact application environment. Van Moppes has knowledge and experience in all varieties of cylindrical grinding and offers the best adapted abrasive for every application.
Grit types: FBN-90, FBN-130, FBN-150.

Centerless grinding

Centerless grinding is performed in the form of throughfeed grinding (for long components) and plunge grinding. In this process, the component is processed between a grinding wheel and a control wheel, supported by a workrest blade or supporting ruler. Our superabrasives are typically used for CBN wheels in various bonding systems (such as for instance in high speed grinding in the automotive industry). The wheels contain large quantities of abrasive grit and the correct choice of the best diamond or CBN abrasive is therefore extremely important.
Grit types: FBN-170, FBN-200.

Internal grinding

Internal or ID grinding includes three processes:  throughfeed grinding, plunge grinding and bottom face grinding. The grinding points are normally rather hard or highly concentrated. The shafts are made of HSS steel, high density metal alloys (Densimet) or tungsten carbide to achieve highest grinding accuracy.
Grit types: FBN-170, FBN-150, FRD-G9, FRD-A, FMD-60.

Surface grinding

Surface grinding is one of the most common grinding processes. It includes pendulum surface grinding, side grinding and profile grinding. Exact grinding applications and requirements call for a variety of abrasive types.
Grit types: FRD-X, FRD-G range, FBN-90, FBN-150.

Double-sided flat grinding

The double-sided flat grinding process has been largely developed in the 1990's. The components (connecting rods, piston rings, ceramic components) are mostly held by workpiece carriers and are ground simultaneously on both sides with high material removal rates, to achieve highly accurate and parallel geometries with a good surface finish. This process uses both mesh and micron abrasives.
Grit types: SYR, SYS, FRD-S, FRD-G range, FBN-170, FBN-150, FBN-130.

Tool grinding

In a modern production environment, the manufacturing of cutting tools, milling tools, drills or PCD-tools often calls for diamond or CBN grinding wheels, some very heat-sensitive materials like Cermet requiring special solutions. Our superabrasive products adequately cover all these requirements. For the flute grinding on hard metal tools Van Moppes offer an optimised and proven product range.

To ensure the good anchoring of the abrasive particles in the tool manufacturers bonding systems, Van Moppes offer various types of particle coatings. Specially activated and treated diamond surfaces, from titanium, copper, nickel, through to special spiky surface structures, care for particularly secure particle retention.
Grit types: FRD-X, FRD-G range, FRD-S, FBN-150, FBN-90.

Glass grinding

Glass grinding ranks amongst the biggest users of mesh and micron diamond powders. Diamond grinding wheels are used for the grinding of flat glass, crystal glass and optical glass, in a range between approx. 40µ and up to mesh sizes.
"Smoothing Pellets" are used for optical lenses, in a range between approx. 6µ and 40µ. "Pellet powder" requires severe oversize particle control.

Special applications

Diamond and CBN abrasives are used in numerous other applications. Here a few examples:

Honing tools: In this application, the grading precision of the diamond powder is highly appreciated.
Diamond coated Polishing tapes are used in the electronics industry.
Backside Grinding: SYS micron powders are used successfully in the grinding wheels designed to grind the backside of silicon wafers.