CBN Micron Powder


Diamant Micron CBN

The CBN advantage

Diamond is synthesized from carbon and is therefore not suitable for grinding or machining ferrous materials. CBN, however, consists of crystals made from the elements of boron and nitrogen. Despite a nominally inferior hardness, CBN has the advantage of a higher thermal stability and it is compatible with ferrous metal grinding and polishing applications, in which it successfully competes with conventional abrasives.

  • CBN-B is a tough, black coloured CBN micron powder. It is made of medium-toughness and high thermal stability black monocrystalline CBN with macro-fracture characteristics. Its angular shape and long cutting edges provide excellent performance on hard tool steels, alloyed steels and super-­alloys, or in demanding lapping and polishing applications.
    CBN-B Datasheet

  • CBN-B60Ni is the 60% nickel coated version of the product. It has excellent particle retention properties and is recommended for use in resin bonded wheels for numerous ferrous metal, wet grinding applications.
    CBN-B60Ni Datasheet
  • CBN-A is the standard, amber coloured, uncoated medium toughness CBN micron powder with good thermal stability, for maximum economy in electroplated and vitrified bonding systems, or lapping and polishing applications on ferrous metals.
    CBN-A Datasheet


Median Size (d50)
46.0 40-50 40-50 40-50
36.0 30-40 30-40 30-40
29.0 22-36 22-36 22-36
24.0 20-30 20-30 20-30
19.0 15-25 15-25 15-25
14.0 10-20   10-20
12.0 8-16   8-16
8.0 6-12   6-12
5.7 4-8   4-8
4.0 3-6   3-6
3.0 2-4   2-4