Particle Coatings

CBN Coatings

Coated CBN products

The FBN mesh sizes are also available with metal coatings mainly designed to improve the adhesion of particles in the tool or wheel bonds. These coatings are also available for the coarsest CBN micron sizes, 15-25μ up.

  • Nickel coating at 60% of total particle weight, for FBN abrasives. Recommended for phenolic resin bonds and polyimide bonds, for improved mechanical retention of the CBN particles in the bond. Improves wheel life and surface finish.
    FBN Coating

  • Titanium and nickel coating at 60% of total FBN particle weight. Recommended where better particle retention is required in resin and polyimide bonds. Enhances the chemical bond between CBN particles and their coating, for improved wheel life and performance consistency.
    FBN Coating

  • Titanium coating at 2% of total particle weight, specially designed for bonds containing cobalt, iron and bronze. The thin titanium layer is applied chemically by the CVD method and forms a bridge between the CBN particles and the metal bond. It is mainly applied to the toughest FBN 300 product.
    FBN Coating