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Diamond Mesh Sizes

Diamond mesh sizes with perfect Quality control

Based on its 60 years experience in diamond abrasives, Van Moppes engaged in the distribution of carefully selected superabrasive grinding mesh size products, acquired from reputable producers, with some of which it has arranged exclusive European distribution agreements. These mesh sizes cover a wide range of products, to satisfy all requirements and applications.

In addition to the quality inspection provided at the manufacturing location, each size and batch is additionally inspected by the special optical measurement system developed by Van Moppes, to check and guarantee the conformance of the product to the ISO 6106 sieve size standard. For further product characterization, a particle shape analysis is produced simultaneously. Inspection records are kept for 10 years at least, which allows full and perfect traceability. An inspection report is supplied on request.

This additional inspection is a real added value for the product. It guarantees perfect delivery consistency and supports our main target: Total customer satisfaction.

FRD MeshFMD MeshNatural Mesh
FRD 'Resin Bond' FMD 'Metal Bond' PS Natural

The diagram below shows the relative positions of the various mesh diamond categories in terms of impact strength and fracturing mode. The pictograms reflect the fracturing modes of the products.

Mesh: impact strength vs fracturing mode

Resin Bond Metal Bond Naturel
'Resin Bond' 'Metal Bond' Natural Diamond