Mesh diamond coatings

Coated Mesh sizes

Most FRD and FMD mesh sizes are also available with metal coatings, mainly designed to improve adhesion between the particles and the tool and wheel bonds.

  • Nickel coating at 56% of total particle weight. Recommended for phenolic resin and polyimide bonds. Improves the mechanical retention of FRD and FMD particles in the bond. Improves wheel life and surface finish.
    FRD Coating    FMD Coating
  • Nickel coating at 30% of total FRD particle weight. Recommended for resin and polyimide bonded wheels, for optimised tool life with good particle retention, reduced grinding forces and reduced heat generation. Reduces heat generation.
    FRD Coating
  • Nickel coating at 60% of total FRD particle weight. Recommended where highest mechanical retention in phenolic resin bonds and polyimide bonding systems is required. Maximises mechanical retention and heat dissipation at most aggressive material removal rates.
    FRD Coating
  • Copper coating at 50% of total of FRD particle weight. Recommended for dry grinding applications.  Reduces heat generation.  Improves chemical and mechanical diamond particle retention.
    FRD Coating
  • Titanium coating at 2% of total FMD particle weight. Specially designed for bonds containing cobalt, iron and bronze. The thin titanium layer is applied by a CVD process and forms a bridge between the FMD particles and the metal bond. Improves particle retention and tool life.
    FMD Coatingt