Micron Bond Mesh


FMD Metal Bond Sieve Sizes

FMD - 'metal bond' type mesh sizes

FMD products include a full range of 'metal bond' type mesh sizes in varying degrees of toughness, from irregularly shaped and friable to the toughest products. They are suitable for metal bonded and electroplated tools and wheels. This product range is produced by IDF Superabrasives, with whom we hold exclusive European distribution agreements.

  • FMD20 FMD-20 is an irregularly shaped and sharp abrasive ensuring excellent particle retention. It is effective where low cutting forces are required, for metal and electroplated bonds, in applications such as glass and ceramics grinding, gemstones and cast iron grinding.
    FMD-20 Datasheet
    FMD-20 Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
  • FMD 40 FMD-40 is an angular and sharp abrasive ensuring excellent particle retention, slightly tougher than FMD-20. This product is recommended for electroplated and metal bonded tools, in low impact applications such as glass and ceramics grinding,  gemstones and cast iron grinding.
    FMD-40 Datasheet
    FMD-40 Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
    FMD-40N56 56% nickel coated ­Density: 5.12 g/cm3
  • FMD 60 FMD-60 is a medium tough abrasive, with a majority of well-shaped, sharp particles ensuring good particle retention. It is recommended for metal bonded and electroplated tools and is suitable for flat glass grinding, pencil edging and chamfer grinding in the auto-glass and mirror industries.
    FMD-60 Datasheet
    FMD-60 Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
  • FMD 70 FMD-70 contains very blocky, cubo-octahedric particles, with relatively high toughness and thermal resistance. This product offers a good balance between material removal rate and wheel life. It is suitable for glass chamfering and pencil-edging, as well as for tungsten carbide grinding applications.
    FMD-70 Datasheet
    FMD-70 Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
  • FMD 80 FMD-80 is made of whole, well-shaped cubo-octahedric particles containing few inclusions, with very high impact resistance and high thermal stability. This product is recommended for drilling tools, for decorative grinding on glass, as well as ceramics, granite and cast iron grinding.
    FMD-80 Datasheet
    FMD-80 Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
    FMD-80T2 2% titanium coated ­Density: 3.59 g/cm3
    FMD-80TN56 56% nickel/titanium coated ­Density: 5.12 g/cm3

Size Availability

ISO 6106
FMD-20 FMD-40 FMD-60 FMD-70 FMD-80
D39 400/500    
D46 325/400    
D54 270/325    
D64 230/270
D76 200/230
D91 170/200
D107 140/170
D126 120/140
D151 100/120
D181 80/100
D213 70/80
D251 60/70

FMD Diagram

FMD Diagram of relative particle shapes and friability properties: Each of the FMD products is shown here in relation to its particle shape and toughness. These properties guide the cutting power and wear resistance of metal bonded tools. Particle shape also requires suitable particle retention properties, from very strong for perfect crystals (electrometallic, metallic or brazed bonds), to average for the more angular particles (in metallic or ceramic bonds).