Resin Bond Mesh


FRD Resin Bond Mesh Sizes

FRD - a comprehensive range of high performance 'resin bond' type mesh sizes

FRD products include a full range of 'resin bond' type mesh sizes in varying toughnesses and breakdown modes, available both metal coated and uncoated, for a wide range of non-ferrous metal grinding applications. The coated varieties are used in phenolic and polyimide bonds,  the uncoated product being used in vitrified and hybrid bonds. The FRD product range is produced by IDF Superabrasives, with whom we hold exclusive European distribution agreements.

  • FRD-G1 FRD-G1 'Premium', the most friable polycrystalline grit in the market, provides outstanding free-cutting action due to its crystal nature, micro-fracturing properties and angular particle shape. It provides high material removal rates, excellent surface finish and surface geometry. Can be used on Cermet, high-tech ceramics and tungsten carbides.
    FRD-G1 Datasheet
    FRD-G1 Uncoated Density: 3.52 g/cm3
  • FRD-S FRD-S Premium is a very friable and free-cutting resin bond grit, due to its crystalline structure and micro-fracturing properties. It is effective for high performance in toughest applications on homogeneous materials such as carbides, Cermet, hard and friable ceramics, as well as double-sided lapping and polishing. It provides high material removal rates, excellent surface finish and surface geometry.
    FRD-S Datasheet
    FRD-S Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
    FRD-SN56­­­ 56% nickel coated­­ ­Density: 5.12 g/cm3
  • FRD-S FRD-R 'ECO' is an intermediate product with excellent self-sharpening properties, a compromise between optimum free-cutting properties and cost considerations. It is a general purpose grit for tool sharpening, technical ceramics and carbide grinding with an excellent quality/cost ratio.
    FRD-R Datasheet
    FRD-R Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
    FRD-RN56­­­ 56% nickel coated­­ ­Density: 5.12 g/cm3
  • FRD-XFRD-X Premium is a superior 'resin bond' grit designed to cover a remarkably wide range of applications with an optimised balance between material removal rate, free-cutting ability and tool life. It produces excellent performance on tungsten carbide, technical ceramics, combined PCD and hard metal components, as well as in tool sharpening applications.
    FRD-X Datasheet
    FRD-X Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
    FRD-XN56­­­ 56% nickel coated­­ ­Density: 5.12 g/cm3
    FRD-XN30­­­ 30% nickel coated­­ ­Density: 4.23 g/cm3
    FRD-XNS60­­­ 60% nickel coated­­ ­Density: 5.50 g/cm3
    FRD-XC50­­­ 50% copper coated­­ ­Density: 5.04 g/cm3
  • FRD-X2 FRD-X2 Premium  is slightly tougher than FRD-X. It is suitable for a wide spectrum of applications, with an excellent balance between material removal rate, free-cutting ability and tool life. Due to its latest generation synthesis and excellent thermal resistance it is particularly suitable for high temperature vitrified bonds.
    FRD-X2 Datasheet
    FRD-X2 Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
    FRD-X2N56­­­ 56% nickel coated­­ ­Density: 5.12 g/cm3
  • FRD-G9 FRD-G9 Premium is a very high performance grit made of highly self-sharpening, multi-crystalline particles , for high productivity and long tool life in demanding applications on difficult to grind materials. It is very suitable for the grinding of combined hard metal and steel components, hard metals with low cobalt content, technical glass and SiC / SiN with vitrified, metallic and hybrid bonds.
    FRD-G9 Datasheet
    FRD-G9 Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
  • FRD-A FRD-A is a heavy-duty resin bond grit with sharp and irregularly-shaped mono-crystalline particles with excellent self-sharpening characteristics. It is suitable for tungsten carbide, PCD and PCBN grinding, for intermittent cut, as well as for stone polishing and glass grinding, particularly with metal bonded wheels.
    FRD-A Datasheet
    FRD-A Uncoated ­Density: 3.52 g/cm3
    FRD-AN56 56% nickel coated ­Density: 5.12 g/cm3

Size Availability

ISO 6106
D39 400/500
D46 325/400
D54 270/325
D64 230/270
D76 200/230
D91 170/200
D107 140/170
D126 120/140
D151 100/120
D181 80/100
D252 60/80    

FRD Diagram

FRD Diagram of relative free cutting and friability properties: The wear characteristics of FRD diamond particles and their shock-resistance are mainly guided by their crystalline structures. FRD diamond particles have a multi-crystalline structure, which increases their micro-cleavage and friability properties. As a result, their free cutting properties are increased, at lower working forces. The FRD product range offers the ideal abrasive for every application, with the suitable toughness and breakdown mode.