Micron Bond Mesh


Resin Bond Micron Diamond Powder

Syndia® - 'Resin Bond' type micron diamond powders

The ‘resin bond’ type micron diamond powders are sold under the Syndia® registered trademark. They are identified by the denominations SYV, RBM and SYR. They are used in many lapping operations, but primarily in bonded applications.

  • SYV consists of multi-crystalline particles with high toughness and a high level of heat resistance. SYV is therefore extremely suitable for vitrified bonds. Despite its high toughness level, it is remarkably self-sharpening. It is recommended for the machining of difficult to grind technical ceramics, like sapphire, silicon carbide and silicon nitride, with vitrified bond systems.
    SYV Datasheet 

  • RBM is an uncoated ‘Resin Bond’ micron diamond powder. Due to its crystalline properties and high crystal surface roughness, RBMis particularly suitable for all types of resin bonded wheels and tools. It is also recommended for lapping and polishing carbides,ceramics, plastic materials, natural stones and other hard materials.
    RBM is also available in coated form.
    RBM Datasheet

  • SYR is a precision graded, unique premium product in the ‘resin bond’ type micron powder range. It is therefore extremely suitable for the machining of difficult to grind materials, where high material removal rates, excellent surface finish and surface geometry are required. Due to its exceptional self-sharpening properties, SYR is particularly suitable for double-sided grinding and polishing applications.
    SYR Datasheet

Size Availability

Median Size (d50)
53.0 40-60 40-60 40-60
46.0 40-50 40-50 40-50
36.0 30-40 30-40 30-40
32.5 30-40F 30-40F 30-40F
29.0 22-36 22-36 22-36
24.0 20-30  20-30 20-30 
19.0 15-25  15-25 15-25
14.0 10-20 10-20 10-20
12.0 8-16 8-16 8-16
8.0 6-12 6-12 6-12
6.8 5-10 5-10 5-10
5.7 4-8 4-8 4-8
4.8   4-6   
4.0 3-6 3-6 3-6
3.0 2-4 2-4 2-4
2.00   1-3  
1.41   1-2   

Resin Bond Micron avec fracture
These pictures illustrate the fracturing mode of a 'resin bond' type particle.