Inspection Certificate

Van Moppes Inspection Certificate

Van Moppes Quality Inspection Report

Inspection ReportOn completion of micron powder quality inspection, a Quality Inspection Report is produced, which constitutes our official quality inspection report. It contains all relevant information concerning product identification, particle size and shape distributions, image analysis inspection parameters, as well as a histogram and a Log/Probability distribution curve. On the latter, the particle sizes are shown vertically on a logarithmic scale and horizontally, the cumulative percentage probability of occurrence, i.e. a Gaussian distribution. This representation offers important advantages: a normal, open-ended Gaussian distribution appears as a straight line. Distribution anomalies are thus instantly detected. This Quality Inspection Report is produced for each product going into inventory and allows full traceability, as per ISO 9001 requirements, for at least 10 years.

Inspection Certificate

The Inspection Certificate is compiled on the basis of the original Quality Inspection Record. It is handed out to customers on request and is formatted to consistently show the exact level of information required, on a regular basis, for each customer requiring it. The distribution is shown in the form of a histogram, i.e. a differential curve, which makes it easier to read.
The Inspection Report contains all the information required for full traceability and it is suitable for filing as a quality record and for supplier evaluation, as may be required by the customer's ISO 9000 quality assurance system.

Micron CertificateSubmicron Certificate

Mesh Certificate

The Inspection Certificate is available
in the three forms shown here:

Micron Inspection Report (top left),

Submicron Inspection Report (top),

Mesh Size Inspection Report (left).