Inspection Methods for Mesh Sizes

Inspection Mesh Sizes

ISO 6106 and Quality Inspection of Mesh Sizes

The dimensional inspection of Mesh sizes is ruled by the international ISO 6106 Standard, a universally accepted standard that is applied before particle coating.

The dimensional compliance of the product, however, is only one element of product quality. Many other features have to be controlled, such as particle shape, friability, break-down mode, surface structure, etc. Friability is the only property that is widely checked, through crushing a product sample in a specially designed machine, on a sample comparison basis.  All the rest depends on the quality of the manufacturing process.

The additional Van Moppes optical inspection

In addition to the quality inspection carried out on the production site, each mesh size and batch is submitted to the additional optical inspection system specially designed by Van Moppes,to check and guarantee product compliance with the ISO 6106 superabrasives mesh size standard, taking into account the metallic particle coating where applicable. The measurement is based on the smallest particle dimension (W), to simulate the sieving process. For better product characterisation, a particle shape analysis is performed simultaneously, as well as an apparent particle surface roughness evaluation. For perfect traceability, inspection data is kept for 10 years at least.