Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Communication

We put great value on excellent customer communication, as the correct definition of the product to be supplied in relation de the application and exact customer requirements depends on it, as well as the fulfilment of one of our main objectives:

Excellent Customer Service and Total Customer Satisfaction

Orders and Product Definition, Product Analysis

Each order received is subjected to a number checks and investigations:
  • For each order,we have to check that the product is clearly and completely defined. If not, the product definition has to be clarified, on the basis of prior usage or through customer contact.
  • All alterations or complements in product definitions are clearly documented.
  • Telephone or verbal orders are also duly documented.
  • In case of doubt, or in case of an incomplete product definition, an investigation is undertaken with the customer, to clarify the situation or possibly define a new product in accordace with the application.
  • Packaging and terms of delivery are equally checked and clarified, as may be the case.
In case of replacement of an undefined or unknown product, we strongly recommend to analyse a product sample, which may help to properly define the replacement product. This analysis saves precious time and effort.

Just in time delivery

Accurate and just in time delivery is an important part in Customer Satisfaction.
  • Deliveries are normally made by Courier, or as by prior agreement with the customer.
  • The batch identification number of each product is registered, such as to allow full traceability. This is guaranteed up to 10 years after stock entry of each product.
  • As per our ISO 9001 requirements, annual statistics are carried out on delivery accuracy.


Any possible complaint is treated as follows, another important factor in customer satisfaction:

  • New product analysis, prferably on a sample returned by the customer.
  • Investigation regarding the application and possibly unadapted use of the product.
  • New product recommendation, if applicable.
  • Possibly new definition of product limits, or new customer- or application-specific product, in accordance with the application.  In case of satisfaction,the new definition or limit is duly documented and registered.
Complaints concerning diamond and CBN micron powders generally find their origin in one of the following causes:
  • The powder is no longer adapted to the application environment, often unknown to the user.
  • There is a handling problem at the users location. The most frequent case is the bad dispersion of a micron powder in its liquid carrier or bond material, which can cause scratching through residual powder agglomerates.

In the case of Mesh sizes, a complaint can occur through a bad product selection, inadequate size or concentration in relation to the  working conditions, the wrong choice of bond or its insufficient densification. All complaints are carefully documented in the customer file.

No complaint may be filed before resolution and total, confirmed customer satisfaction.

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