CBN Mesh

CBN Mesh Sizes

CBN Mesh Sizes

FBN - the CBN Mesh size range

The FBN product range includes a full range of both coated and uncoated CBN abrasives, in various shades of toughness and breakdown modes. The coated varieties are used in phenolic and polyimide bonded wheels, for a wide range of ferrous metal grinding applications. The uncoated product is also used in vitrified, metallic and electroplated wheels. The FBN product range is produced by IDF Superabrasives, with whom we hold exclusive European distribution agreements.

  • FBN-80 FBN-80 is the 'economy' CBN Mesh product, designed for free cutting and excellent surface finish. FBN-80 is suitable for general grinding applications, with a very good price/performance ratio, in resin and vitrified bonds.
    FBN-80 Datasheet
    FBN-80 Uncoated ­Density: 3.48 g/cm3
    FMD-80N60 60% nickel coating­­ ­Density: 5.26 g/cm3
  • FBN-90 FBN-90 is a black, semi-blocky and semi-tough CBN abrasive, with excellent micro-fracture properties for overall performance, grinding efficiency and surface finish.
    FBN-90 Datasheet
    FBN-90 Uncoated ­Density: 3.48 g/cm3
    FMD-90N60 60% nickel coating­­ ­Density: 5.26 g/cm3
  • FBN-150 FBN-150 is a medium strength, thermally stable, black CBN abrasive with added tolerance in use. It favours grinding energy reduction and better surface finish, as well as longer wheel life.
    FBN-150 Datasheet
    FBN-150 Uncoated ­Density: 3.48 g/cm3
    FBN-150N60 60% nickel coating­­ ­Density: 5.26 g/cm3
  • FBN-170 FBN-170 is a medium to high toughness, thermally stable, monocrystalline black CBN grit. It is suitable for some more demanding applications in terms of toughness and material removal rates.
    FBN-170 Datasheet
    FBN-170 Uncoated ­Density: 3.48 g/cm3
    FBN-170N60 60% nickel coating­­ ­Density: 5.26 g/cm3
  • FBN-190 FBN-190 is a very tough and thermally stable, monocrystalline black CBN grit. It is suitable for the toughest bonds and the most demanding applications.
    FBN-190 Datasheet
    FBN-190 Uncoated ­Density: 3.48 g/cm3
    FBN-190N60 60% nickel coating­­ ­Density: 5.26 g/cm3

  • FBN-130 FBN-130 is a semi-blocky to blocky, amber-coloured, medium-tough CBN abrasive. Its particle surfaces are specially purified for electroplated applications.
    FBN-130 Datasheet
    FBN-130 Uncoated ­Density: 3.48 g/cm3
  • FBN-200 FBN-200 is a very strong, amber to brown-coloured, tough CBN abrasive. The particle shape is angular with sharp edges, with aggressive characteristics, suitable for high performance applications.
    FBN-200 Datasheet
    FBN-200 Uncoated ­Density: 3.48 g/cm3
    FBN-200TN60 60% nickel/titanium coating­­ ­Density: 5.24 g/cm3
  • FBN-300 FBN-300 is a dark, amber to brown-coloured, very compact, monocrystalline CBN abrasive, the toughest of the CBN mesh products. Its high thermal stability allows it to be used in metal and vitrified bonds, as well as electroplated tools, for high performance and long tool life.
    FBN-300 Datasheet
    FBN-300 Uncoated ­Density: 3.48 g/cm3
    FBN-300T2 2% titanium coating­­ ­Density: 3.53 g/cm3

Size Availability

ISO 6106
FBN-80 FBN-90 FBN-150 FBN-170 FBN-190 FBN-130 FBN-200 FBN-300
B39 400/500
B46 325/400
B54 270/325
B64 230/270
B76 200/230
B91 170/200
B107 140/170
B126 120/140
B151 100/120
B181 80/100  
B252 60/80  
B301 50/60              
B427 40/50              
B602 30/40              

Diagram CBN Mesh

This diagram shows the relative positions of the various FBN grit products on a TTI toughness (vertical) and thermal stability scale (horizontal), relative to the central FBN-150 product. From left to right, the fracture mode tends to vary from micro to macro-fracture. The combination of toughness and fracture mode offers numerous variations in free cutting properties, tool life, material removal rate and surface finish properties.