Poly Metal Bond Resin Bond Natural Bond


Micron Diamond Powder

Micron diamond powders with an outstanding quality assurance system

For over 60 years, Van Moppes have been specialising in a very special product: micron diamond powders. This specialisation is a clear advantage in terms of product choice, quality and reliability:
  • Most comprehensive range of micron powders available in the market, differentiated by diamond type, particle shape and grading characteristics to suit all applications
  • Perfect match between product and application
  • Highest grading quality and outstanding quality control systems
  • Over 60 standard sizes, from submicron size 0-0.03μ up to 70-120μ
  • Numerous customer or application specific powder sizes
  • Consistent and trustworthy products for total customer confidence
  • Unmatched batch-to-batch consistency
  • Just in time deliveries
  • Faultless customer service

Each size and batch of Van Moppes micron powder is fully inspected for its size distribution and particle shape, like any other micron diamond powder, before it may be passed into inventory. Quality Inspection Records are kept for at least 10 years, to allow perfect product traceability. Our ISO 9001 Quality management system covers all stages of quality inspection, product handling and order processing, in order to satisfy our main objective: Total customer satisfaction.

Diagram Micron Diamond Powders

'Metal Bond' 'Resin Bond' Polycrystalline

Metal Bond Micron Diamond Resin Bond Micron Diamond Polycrystalline Micron Diamond

Natural Micron Diamond ECO Micron Diamond