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Micron Bond Mesh Resin Bond Mesh POLY Natural Bond Mesh

Micron Diamond

The most complete range of Micron Powders for all lapping and polishing applications, supported by the best performing quality inspection system in the trade.

Micron Bond Mesh Resin Bond Mesh Natural Bond Mesh

Mesh Diamond

A comprehensive range of Metal Bond, Resin Bond type and natural diamond mesh sizes for all rough and finish grinding operations with ceramic, phenolic, metal and polyimide bonded tools and wheels.





CBN Micron and Mesh

A comprehensive range of CBN mesh sizes for all grinding applications on ferrous metals, plus a sophisticated range of CBN micron sizes for grinding, lapping and polishing applications.

By the way ...

L.M. Van Moppes & Sons SA is the heir of a long tradition in the  industrial diamond trade, which took its origin in England in 1893 and developed with the registration of the L.M. Van Moppes & Sons Ltd company in 1917.

Our company, registered in 1952 has become independant and specialises in diamond and CBN powders for all grinding, lapping and polishing applications, supported by over 60 years of experience.



Our products are used in a large number of application areas:
Grinding, machining, drilling, lapping and polishing, in many industries, such as watch industry, electronics, drawing dies, gem stones, optics, technical ceramics, diamond and CBN tools.